Expert Roofing Services for Los Angeles Homeowners

An old or outdated roof puts your entire home, your family and your possessions at risk. A cracked or sagging roof is more than an eyesore, it impacts the structural integrity of your entire home. Even a few cracked or missing shingles pose a hazard; shingles are designed to work together and cover the entire surface; missing pieces allow moisture, rain and even Termites inside your home.

Our Unique Approach to Roof Replacement

Your roof service starts with an inspection; the visible signs of trouble may indicate a deeper problem; one of our Roofing specialists will take a look and provide a detailed roofing estimate and thorough explanation of what your roof needs. We are able to offer services for a variety of roof types, including composition shingle roofs, hot tar roofs and tile roofs; we do not service metal roofs at this time. While every home is unique, the roof repair or replacement process options include:

  • Demolition of the old roof, with removal of shingles and roofing materials
  • New tar paper and shingles
  • If needed, complete replacement of the roof’s wood surface; the re-decking process takes about a week to complete.

Why Choose GCR for your Los Angeles Home Roof Repair?

We bring the highest level of attention to detail to our roofing services to ensure your house is protected and you are fully satisfied. Your home is your biggest asset and your roof needs to last; all materials and services come with a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about roof repair again.

With our competitive pricing model and easy financing terms, you don’t have to wait to repair your roof. Waiting to repair your roof until you can easily afford it could result in further damage; financing makes it fast and easy to get the repair work you need in a timely manner.

Our team consists of highly trained roofing professionals, and we are General B contractors, too. If we spot other problems during your roof repair, we can easily fix them without delay; no waiting for other contractors to arrive.

Protect your Los Angeles Home with a New Roof

It’s fast and easy to get the new roof your home needs for protection from the elements and improved curb appeal. Contact us for a consultation and estimate and to take the first step towards your updated home.

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