At GCR, we know that your home deserves more than just a fresh coat of paint. Your largest asset requires special treatment and care; our comprehensive approach to preparation and investment in quality supplies and training ensures your home is in good hands. Our process includes:

A visit with one of our design professionals and a detailed free painting estimate with no hidden costs
Careful protection of your lawn, cars, plants and other surfaces
Pressure washing your home to remove debris and ensure that paint forms a lasting bond
Repair damaged and cracked surfaces to ensure they do not blemish your new finish and that your home looks its best.
Repair or replace damaged wood
Sand the wood on your home so it properly accepts paint
Complete a full primer coat on your entire house (spot priming simply isn’t good enough)
Carefully apply 1-2 coats of high quality paint; Cool Life and Dunn Edwards are our preferred brands
Full inspection by a GCR manager to ensure you’ll be delighted with the finished look

In this job:
We covered all around the house to protect from the pressure wash, we pressured washed the complete house with high pressure to reveal all chips and hidden cracks in the the stucco before we start with the Exterior paint, We repaired and filled all the cracks in the stucco, Sanded all the wood, Repaired all the wood and replaced as needed, Then we applied one coat primer, and one coat of Cool Life coating, with a Life Time warranty.

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