We’ve been serving the Los Angeles area for a long time and know the importance of taking the time to prepare your home carefully and correctly for painting. Our team of skilled and trained painters are the very best in the area and take pride in being prompt, professional and courteous.

Your home is your largest investment and we understand how important it is for you to get an enduring look you’ll love. By choosing top quality paint and focusing on preparation, your new exterior paint can last for 25 years, far longer than the 5 years promised by lesser brands.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals, and we are General B contractors, too. If we uncover something that needs to be repaired during the preparation process, we can handle it on the spot, avoiding the need for an additional service provider.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

In this job:
We covered around the entire house to protect from drips of paint, we washed with 2500 PSI pressure the complete house to detect all the cracks in the the stucco before we start with the preparation for the Exterior paint, We repaired and filled all the cracks in the stucco, Sanded all the wood, Repaired all the wood and replaced as needed, Then we applied one full coat primer, and one coat of Cool Life coating, with a Life Time warranty.

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